Why Consider Obedience Training?

Proper training is the key to having a well rounded, well behaved canine companion. You can help your best friend develop the habits they need to become a valued member of your family.

Training with your dog is time well spent and an investment that will last a lifetime for you, your family and dog. Not only are you bonding with your dog you will learn from each other and pave the way to a well trained dog or puppy that will be a pleasure to take with you on walks, visits to the dog park, outings and trips. Friends and family will also enjoy your dog when they visit.

Join our 6 week Obedience Training Course

Learn the basics of canine obedience and develop a closer bond with your canine friend. Our positive reinforcement, praise and mild corrections method of training will teach your dog to walk on a leash, heel, sit, stay, stand, down and come when called.

A dog that is trained to obey is confident and self assured and you will be more confident and self assured anywhere you go with your dog and while in the company of others.

If you’re having problems with your dog or just want a well behaved companion, check our class schedule and sign up for a six week course.